Amnesty 'Power of the Pen' resource now available for KS2&3

Monday 24 February 2014

Every year, Amnesty inspires thousands of people to write letters to help stop human rights abuses. These letters hold governments to account, protect lives, and show support to people around the world.

Their Power of the Pen resource is now available for key stages 2 and 3. It helps students discover the impact their words can have as they write letters in support of real people in real danger right now.

It is a compelling way for pupils to explore global issues and build skills in persuasive writing and self-expression.

Two lessons and accompanying PowerPoint, activity sheets, case studies, film clip and curricular links. It can be taught as two one-hour lessons or one lesson with homework. all are available for download at the bottom of this page.

The resource is aimed at ‘KS3 English, Citizenship, Geography, Religious Studies and Humanities teachers, Literacy Coordinators, and all teachers seeking to build literacy across the curriculum and support whole school SMSC’.

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