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  1. PeterPaync
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  2. Eduardo
  3. Amanda
  4. Jack Davies
  5. Heather
  6. Ciaran Cummins
  7. (Name witheld)
  8. Ciaran Cummins
  9. Phillippa Clements
  10. (Name witheld)
  11. john gibbins
  12. (Name witheld)
    “For me citizenship is one of the most important subjects in the national curriculum. It is the only subject that teaches young people about democratic and political life, preparing them for life as an active citizen, combating the apathy all too prevalent in this country ensuring students leave education informed and fully prepared for democratic life. It is a subject that is too easily swept under the carpet in Secondary schools, this needs to change.”
  13. (Name witheld)
  14. (Name witheld)
  15. (Name witheld)
  16. Sarah-Jane
  17. (Name witheld)
    “There is only citizenship...”
  18. (Name witheld)
  19. Zoe Baker
  20. Hannah Huxley
  21. (Name witheld)
  22. (Name witheld)
  23. Avanti
    “it is important that peoples democratic rights are respected in the world today”
  25. farhad
  26. jane white
  27. Frances
  28. Alison Whalley
  29. Papagianni Voula
    “Democratic values are an essential parameter of the Youth Children s University of Greece which is per definition anti racist and promotes democratic citizenship”
  30. prof prem raj pushpakaran
  31. andy mycock
  32. (Name witheld)
  33. Sarandip Singh Batt AiDA LCIG
    “As an aspiring History and Citizenship teacher myself, I wholeheartedly support this campaign of yours. Compulsory, top quality timetabled Citizenship lessons are one of the most important things a child needs.”
  34. James Beckles
    “Citizenship is a state of mind and it should be taught as early as possible. Young people can make an impact and contribution to their communities and society and should be encouraged to do so as soon as possible.”
  35. Stephen Evans
    “As a secularist I wholeheartedly support the campaign for fair, inclusive and cohesive society.”
  36. gail naylor
  37. Nikki Brewer
  38. Carol brooks
  39. susan ware
  40. Catherine Robinson
  41. Brandon Block
  42. Seyi Akiwowo
  43. L. Aba-Gero
  44. Tom Tabori
  45. Emma Aston
    “Citizenship is vital for a functioning democracy and well worth still being taught in schools.”
  46. Mike Hampson
  47. Patricia Crocker
  48. Louise Tyson
  49. Patricia Bartley
  50. Aimee D
  51. Ruth Graham
  52. Judy Murray
  53. Lee Hannaby
  54. Lydia Grellier
    “My year 10 GCSE group is about to start their controlled assessment and aim to raise awareness about the importance of citizenship education for young people today”
  55. Charity R
    “Citizenship should be kept, very vital and important to know what is happening around the world.”
  56. Siobhan M
  57. James Hipshon
    “A ridiculous idea, of course we need citizenship! We need to see the bigger picture. I would like to teach citizenship in schools one day to prepare the next generation for our society and give them the best chance to know their rights, understand government and ultimately to thrive. Without citizenship teaching this would be very difficult to achieve.”
  58. Amy Mack
  59. Ganesh Senthi
    “Kick Gove out!”
  60. Immanuel Junaid
  61. (Name witheld)
  62. (Name witheld)
    “i think we should keep it because then we wont be aware what is going around in the we should know this stuff so we can run the ciuntry good.”
  63. Rachel Junaid
    “I really hope Citizenship stays in school. It'll impact the future.”
  64. (Name witheld)
    “i think its bad because some people will lose jobs and we wont learn about the goverment and how they work”
  65. Vladyslav
  66. Anu Kehinde
    “i chose citzenship for GCSE and i would hate it if it was taken off the national curriculm.”
  67. Taiwo Ogunbiyi
    “citezenship should be kept i chose it for one my GCSE options and i think that if i didnt chhose it i wont get to understand the world around me.”
  68. Sara Ouared
    “Citezenship should be kept, children should be aware about what happens around the world>”
  69. zoe yates
    “DONT stop citezenship it's the only subject that is any good. They only want it stopped so the future generation do not find out what mistakes they have made. People need to know whats going on in the world so DONT STOP IT!!!”
  70. Paulo
    “Citizenship is important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  71. Zenat Myolele
    “i think the governments decision of scrapping citizenship is unsensible because where do they expect to get future politicians if citizenship is scrapped?”
  72. Kerstin
    “Don't do it.”
  73. Faith O
    “I personally believe, that Citizenship provides students with the information they need to impact future generations in terms of how the government works.”
  74. Alejandra Esther
    “As young people we have the right to know whats happening around us, the only way to do that is by having a citizenship education.”
  75. Nataliya
  76. (Name witheld)
  77. Raminta
    “Dont stop Citizenship Lessons”
  78. Courtney Bannister
  79. (Name witheld)
  80. Migle Fliadzinskaite
  81. (Name witheld)
  82. Value Citizenship
    “Value Citizenship video -”
  83. Ibrahim Brookes
    “I am just completing my Citizenship PGCE at the IoE. A few colleagues and I have put together a short video in support of Citizenship education and this campaign. Please watch and share!”
    “This is quite a new topic in the social studies programmes courses here in the school of Education- solomon islands.I believe the topic is vital as these trainee teachers are the key facilitaters in ECE Centres, Primary, & secondary schools & trainees need to have correct & accurate knowledge on the subject citizenship& education.I vision this as a way forward to understanding aspects of society like, politics,democracy,rights etc. Also vision to be included in the school subjects to be taught in primary & secondary as a single subject rather than intergrated into other related subject area.”
  85. Heidi Alexander MP
  86. Emma Bird
  87. Nathan Truppin
  88. Tony Parkes
  89. Euan Davidson
  90. (Name witheld)
  91. Francesca Abel
  92. Beth Gascoigne-Owens
  93. Lizzie Gait
  94. (Name witheld)
  95. (Name witheld)
  96. Idris samson tunde
    “The progress of a new Nigeria at heart!”
  97. (Name witheld)
  98. Eseoghene Owho
    “"I think that Citizenship is a very important subject and that if the government scraps it, it'll be a BIG mistake”
  99. Gail Davidge
  100. Billy Crombie
  101. Maria Raymundo
    “As a year 11 student I feel that citizenship is a key subject to learn. It should be encouraged from a young age so that children can learn to become an active citizen contributing in the future society.”
  102. K Badlan
    “If the concept of democracy is to be taken seriously in this country we need to support the education of young people. Citizenship education has the potential to do this, along with positive political role models and an informative press/media.”
  103. becca ridley
  104. Kehinde Owolabi M
    “It is to proative for future challenges”
  105. Renee Berkhout
  106. (Name witheld)
  107. Tom Bond
  108. (Name witheld)
  109. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship is more than just a subject, it embodies what a good education should be - democratic, active, engaging, empowering and mind-broadening. If we lose citizenship, we lose sight of what is important.”
  110. (Name witheld)
  111. (Name witheld)
    “i want to know morn about citizenship”
  112. (Name witheld)
    “Only a Government that did not want to represent its people would not encourage them to take part in the Democratic process.”
  113. Nancy Freeman
    “Please help ensure that citizenship does not disappear from the curriculum and develops to help a generation who feel frustrated and unable to contribute to real change.”
  114. Joanna Hinson
  115. zoe cooke
  116. (Name witheld)
  117. (Name witheld)
    “I studied Citizenship at A level and I stongly believe it is the only way to encourage students to take interest in politcs and to become active citizens. Furthermore it is a challenging subject that allows students to improve their communication abilities with essays, debating and much more!”
  118. Will Kendall
  119. D Clarke
  120. Ngaire Ruth
  121. Jessica Zausmer
  122. (Name witheld)
  123. Graeme Stonehouse
    “Well said Amelia!”
  124. (Name witheld)
  125. (Name witheld)
  126. Amelia Roberts
    “Dr Mr Gove,

    your plans to delay a review of the National Curriculum provides nothing but a rest bit for teachers, especially so for teachers of Citizenship.
    Ofsted have recently announced an increased focus on inspection of the provision of 'social, moral, ethical and spiritual' education in schools, and have also suggested that a good Citizenship program would be strong evidence that these were being provided.
    you, by your own admission have also hinted strongly of the importance of 'political literacy' in schools.
    Whilst this plants seed of encouragement and hope in teachers minds, what strikes fear and worry is that Ofsted recommendations and your own feelings towards political literacy seems to make the connection to History, rather than Citizenship.
    I understand education and schools are undergoing a massive overhaul tight now, what with schools each day converting to academy status. While this can be seen in both a positive light (as well as a very negative light) what you must realise is that without entrenching Citizenship as the core subject for political and legal literacy in schools, an over haul of the entire History curriculum would be needed.

    I am a new teacher, my back ground is in Law. I was dubious of Citizenship as a subject at first, as a National Curriculum subject, however it didn't take long to be sold totally and utterly on the virtues teaching Citizenship can provide. I am astonished and quite appalled that when i teach Citizenship in schools a huge majority of students have no idea who the Prime Minister is, they can define simple principals like Government and Parliament and stubble with basic principals of law. What is as appalling is the fact thatCitizenship is complex in its curriculum, it requires creativity to teach and by its very nature involves students and makes them active participation with the classroom, school, community and world around them. Moreover i have been able to witness parents and carers initial impressions of Citizenship as a subject. Their attitude was similar to my own, but at parents evening i ALWAYS make a habit of showing them the curriculum, when they discover their sons and daughters are learning about law making, parliamentary process, global organisations and issues, they react in a much different way.

    however this is not about mislabelling a subject, ( although i do believe if it were given a more credible name, such as Legal and Political studies for example, you might find much more resistance from all schools, PTA's, parents and students about removing it from the curriculum)

    Instead the point I wish to emphasise is the fact the not one aspect of Citizenship is irrelevant or unimportant. How are the young people of our society ever going to become the future of our country without ever being exposed to it, or being given the knowledge and skills to actively participate in it and make positive change?

    Citizenship and History are large subjects in themselves, far too big to be merged without making sacrifices in crucial aspects of each subjects.

    The point I would like to finish on, ids the fact that Citizenship teachers are a collection of unique individuals, they have not done a degree in the subject, unlike English Maths or Science teachers. We are Lawyers, Criminologists, Police men and women, Managers in business, Sociologists and Psychologists. We are people who have worked bloody hard to get into jobs that were never taught in schools. We are professionals of society that wish to enter the teaching profession in order to teach Citizenship as it opens doors to wider society and the world, which are simply not provided by Core subjects emphasised in schools.

    Education is going through a massive shake up at the moment, but this is an opportunity for change for the better. I employe, plead and beg to listen to what Citizenship teachers are saying, we do not put up resistance because we are in fear of our jobs, we resist as we see the benefits of a Citizenship curriculum each day in schools, which, if compromised and not strengthened would have disastrous consequences not just for students at high school, but also later in their education when they lack the basic knowledge to engage in an informed convocation and become involved in the world around them.”
  127. Shaun Townsend
    “We are not born knowing how to be a good citizen or what even makes a good citizen, yet we are expected to act as such. The Citizenship National Curriculum is more necessary than ever.”
  128. Hannah Turner-Uaandja
    “This is such an important subject, especially in the current political climate. A population of blind voters...what a perfect place for Cameron to breed.”
  129. (Name witheld)
  130. Rob Morris
  131. Martin Ridley
    “Best of luck!”
  132. Catrin Thomas
    “I would love to train to be a Citizenship Teacher since I've seen the positive affect citizenship teaching can have on disengaged children and young people. I've been put off by a lack of bursaries and the government's commitemnt to making it a 'secondary' subject. How can understanding politics and being an active, aware and socially conscientious citizen be second rate in a democratic society?”
  133. Jean Wildwood
    “Don't undermine Citizenship education. Make it a priority subject and give bursaries for PGCE Citizenship students. We need excellent teachers to encourage young people in state schools to engage with politics, to vote, and to become the politicians of the future. And we need future politicians - and voters - to have a better grasp of the economic situation than we had!”
  134. justin cheung
    “Please keep Citizenship PGCEs”
  135. Alex Fearnley
    “I am studying A-Level citizenship and have found it one of the more interesting of my subjects, it is difficult due to the fact AQA haven't released an A2 textbook but we have continued with the subject.”
  136. Leanne Hughes
  137. Ruth Downie
    “Hi, I teach GCSE Citizenship AQA board and students love it and gain a lot. I have emailed Gove in protest to keep it compulsory, looking to further campaign!!”
  138. Greg ireland
  139. (Name witheld)
  140. Rina Ramrekha
    “I believe that it is vital that we educate our young people to be active member of their communities, both local and political, so that they may make positive leaders of the future.”
  141. (Name witheld)
  142. (Name witheld)
  143. Zakia Khanom
    “I am writing my dissertation on the importance of teaching our children about global issues thus assisting them in becoming a global citizen. I am proposing a teaching method/model to be used in the citizenship subject, twinning project, which has unimaginable benefits. Not just for our children in the UK but also those in the third world. I will be using a case study for my research which is based on a NGO called CADFA which creates friendship links between children in London borough of Camden with children in Abu Dis a town in Palestine. I have volunteered as a youth leader for 3years therefore I will be using my own experience as well carrying out qualitative research on interviewing participants in these twinning projects to highlight its benefits. Very exciting and hope to make this into a much bigger project than just my dissertation. Please feel free to give me ideas and suggestions that will help me in writing my research. (",)”
  144. Jonathan Gullis
    “I am a Conservative District Councillor in Stratford-on-Avon District. I would like to use my connections to help go lobby on behalf of Democratic Life.”
  145. (Name witheld)
  146. Sarah Harwood
    “When our children don't understand their rights and responsibilities they feel powerless. We have only just started to give them a chance at having a good understanding and now we're taking it away again. This lack of engagement and understanding is what causes young people to become disillusioned, move away from education and find other avenues such as drugs and crime where they see immediate results.”
  147. laura mann
  148. Natalie Austin
  149. Chukwudi Dozie
    “Citizenship education should be expanded and pushed more in our country. There is much which points to the need to educate future generations on a variety of topics related to how we humans participate politically in the UK and overseas.”
  150. Jack Whitfield
    “Rights? Democracy? Justice? An understanding of these most important pinnacles of our collective culture should be the main priority of education in my view. I wish this was a subject when I was at school, rather than tedious topics that haven't proven relevant in any way to my life.”
  151. Anna Guest
  152. Jemma Lee-Fenyn
  153. Elizabeth Hudson
  154. Joyce Malmo
  155. Phillip C
  156. Dan Derricott
    “Engaging young people in democracy is critical as we move forward, through a combination of inspiring education and lowering the voting age to 16 we could achieve great things.”
  157. Emma Coffey
    “We need to invest in our young people as citizens. We need to inform and inspire an interest into the laws, structures and values that make up our society. As a teacher and project leader in the third sector my experience shows me we need to invest more in making sure citizenship is not simply a stand alone subject but is pivotal to a child's educational experience.”
  158. (Name witheld)
    “education is only way to improve peoples freedoms”
    “pls make sure that C.E is not removed”
  160. Emma Rusby
    “Youngsters need to more politically aware in order to inspire them; not only to exercise their right to vote, but strive for much needed constitutional reform!”
  161. Kay McCabe
  162. Maxine Bailey
  163. (Name witheld)
  164. (Name witheld)
  165. Justyna Duchowska
    “Education is power !”
  166. Laura Contini
  167. Jon Lawes
  168. Anna Brooks
  169. Jo Wilcox
    “I am studying the impact of Citizenship education on attitudes and aptitudes for democratic participation in young people. I am planning to carry out research with pupils, parents and teachers.”
  170. Eleanor Rehahn
  171. Dave Lawrence
  172. C H Snape
  173. Adele
  174. (Name witheld)
    “I think citizenship education should be a major part of a much expanded curriculum in which parents and families play a key role; schools should support parents and parents should support schools to make the development of the next generation a 24/7 activity from birth, achieving real cultural change for our population, a healthy, safe, clean society where everyone is mutually supportive.”
  175. (Name witheld)
  176. (Name witheld)
    “Surely one of the key aims of our education system should be to help young people to become informed citizens? The more engaged young people feel with the world around them, the brighter our future will look.”
  177. Harriet Rowley
  178. (Name witheld)
  179. Helmi Okpara
    “It was only a few days ago when I went and helped out at the Anglo European schools opening evening, when I realised how little most parents cared for the subject citizenship!
    But this was because a lot of the parents didn't even know what it was! Once politics was in the conversation then the father would stay and listen and given time, would understand why citizenship especially is important for the future generation.
    Our government asks us to vote, correct?
    Yet how can the next generation vote when the do not understand politics. Not everybody is fortunate enough to have a family that will gladly have a conversation or debate on the topic of politics and the weekly news, local and international.
    And this is why citizenship was introduced to help the young students who maybe don’t hear much about it at home, but still have a chance to understand and learn, being prepared and getting involved.

    As we become less educated on what is happening around us everyday in our own country and else where, our system of voting will fail, more and more people will turn apathetic.

    Voters have gone down and voters will go down.”
  180. (Name witheld)
    “i love doing citizenship at school and im only in year9. i think it is a great subject and alot of my friends enjoy it as well. it is a shame that school now blur citizenship in with RE and well being as there is alot to learn about the subject and alot that young people now a days need to now about it.”
  181. (Name witheld)
  182. (Name witheld)
  183. Ros Lucas
    “Recent rioters and looters have very low self-esteem which has not been addressed in their education and without effective Careers Management as part of their Citizenship preparation activities, they will remain disillusioned with a society that excludes them”
  184. (Name witheld)
  185. (Name witheld)
  186. Peter Harris
  187. Katy Robinson
  188. Oliver Furnival
    “I did a PGCE in Citizenship education at the IOE in 2002-2003 and taught it for 8 years very successfully. Have recently moved to Japan and teach it through Humanities here, we do a lot of active Citizenship. Will help how I can.”
  189. G Haines
  190. (Name witheld)
  191. Amanda Pessoa
  192. Luke Shore
  193. Amberley Hoyden
    “I would like to get involved in campaigning to keep Citizenship not only in the capacity of a trainee teacher but also because I strongly believe that young people should be informed citizens enabling them to participate in politics to make the UK political system more democratic. I am very strongly against plans to remove what I consider to be a fundamental necessity for a democratic system.”
  194. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship is vital for young people (as they are the future)to deal and effectively tackle future challenges. It also emphasises positive contributions like the Giving Nation Challenge- which was very successful. Citizenship should stay and is too valuable to lose.”
  195. Robin Laisby
  196. (Name witheld)
  197. (Name witheld)
  198. Emma Bean
  199. Leonie Kubigsteltig
  200. Nick McAteer
  201. Ann Nelson
  202. Rachel Barber
  203. William Burke
  204. Jo Webley
  205. K Farrell
  206. Vicki Carr
  207. Ashley Leighton Plom
  208. Peter Czajkowski
    “Citizenship Education is part of the glue that holds schools together both locally and globally. It educates young people to become positive forces for change in society. It gives them knowledge and understanding of democratic systems and the skills to stand up for their rights with full awareness of their responsibilities. Citizenship education encourages young people to do this by advocating the protection of the rights of others.”
  209. Peter Czajkowski
    “Citizenship Education is part of the glue that holds schools together both locally and globally. It educates young people to become positive forces for change in society. It gives them knowledge and understanding of democratic systems and the skills to stand up for their rights with full awareness of their responsibilities. Citizenship education encourages young people to do this by advocating the protection of the rights of others.”
  210. Jason Pennells
  211. Rocío Miron Candela
  212. chloe
  213. Vaughan Jones
    “Pupils need critical thinking skills to function in society. This naturally leads to less anarchy in the system because pupils understand how to manipulate their world around them without resorting to violence and indignant protest as demonstrated in the recent marches. We need time to develop the curriculum more to demonstrate that Citizenship is more than worth the effort!”
  214. Terry Fiehn
  215. Ruth Elborn
  216. Jan Campbell
  217. John
  218. Jack Downs
  219. jan parker-padley
    “Citizenship is paramount to understanding life in the UK, in any country. It helps people to discuss and debate through an articulate and comprehensive programme.”
  220. sophie hirons
  221. Andrew Reading
    “Citizenhship is about the here and now, helping kids make sense of a complex world. It is an essential part of the curriculum”
  222. Punam Farmah
  223. Hilary Chamberlain
  224. gabriella nocivelli
  225. Ben Cobley
  226. Shane Chowen
  227. Kate Hanna
  228. Carl Fazackerley
  229. (Name witheld)
  230. Melanie Wilson
  231. Sarah Oliver
  232. Tom Sims
  233. Caleb Marwick
    “Scotland's new Curriculum for Excellence places citizenship across the curriculum in an important role: here's hoping that England can do the same.”
  234. Guy Lambert
  235. Ruth McGinity
  236. Anthony Mckeown
  237. (Name witheld)
  238. (Name witheld)
  239. Matthew L
    “Citizenship is important because it teaches me about skills in learning and communication.”
  240. Aliceja Fisher
  241. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship is essential in teaching young people the value of their future role in society. Perhaps the current government would prefer for them to remain ignorant?”
  242. (Name witheld)
    “I really wish Citizenship had been taught when I was at school. Why would anyone want to return to a time where you people aren't even told how their country works or that there are opportunities to change it. We need to engage the youth in our democracy or it will continue to decline. Teaching Citizenship in school should avoid the bias and ensure proper coverage that the newspapers and political parties aren't interested in.

    Do you want the people voting at the next general election to understand what they are voting for? We will all be governed by the outcome!”
  243. verity
  244. Alistair Jones
  245. Janet Edwards
  246. Caroline Hack
  247. Jeevan Jones
    “Having completed my GCSEs last year and moved onto sixth-form, I loved the idea of Citizenship in schools. There's no doubt they're a vital part of educating children about basic happenings and workings of the country they live in. Sure, there's room for improvement (personally, I'd love there to have been more of it during the week!), but it is wrong to remove what is basic education that children need to learn.”
  248. (Name witheld)
  249. Andrew Perks
  250. (Name witheld)
  251. Cathy Harvey
  252. Tim Todhunter
  253. Claire Jones
    “Good luck with the campaign, we need to teach more Politics and Citizenship in schools, not less. How can we expect youngsters of the day to run the country in the future if they have not been taught about Politics.”
  254. Ed Cook
  255. David Stokes
    “Keep the kids informed”
  256. Ben W
  257. Milena Popova
  258. Phil Grice
  259. Alastair Campbell
    “Good luck with your campaign to keep Citizenship on the curriculum and to extend its scope so that children can learn the positive role politics and citizenship can play in their and everyone else's lives”
  260. Louise O\'Mahony
  261. Susan Stroud
  262. Agnes
    “I really support this campaign. If we don't educate young people about citizenship, about politics, how our society works, law - they will not become informed voters, which defies the point of living in a democracy. It's so important to understand the society you live in - otherwise how can you help shape it, or contribute?”
  263. Adam Clarke
  264. Craig Robert Grant
  265. Lincoln Burrows
  266. Paula Brocki
  267. Marike Ruther
    “I strongly believe that citizenship SHOULD NOT be scrapped. If anything, we need to raise the standard of Citizenship lessons. I don't feel as if it is taken seriously enough. Many people learn important life skills in these lessons.”
  268. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship should be a vital curriculum offer especially with all the news around the Big Society and Inclusion topices in the press”
  269. Damitha
  270. Danny
  271. Annette Borchert
  272. Tim Paramour
    “I just filled in the online questionnire about the curriculum review. I stated that to truly be a democracy, I feel our children have to be taught how to participate in the democratic process.”
  273. Sarah-Louise Collins
    “Citizenship education is a vital element of a childs moral and civil education. The subject enables young people to become morally aware individuals - teaching them to engage in the community, public debate and how to campaign for themselves and others. It is vital we continue to teach the next generation these invaluable life skills - particularly in this age of the "Big Society".”
  274. Emily Clare Lockley
  275. Gary Hart
    “Citizenship education, and the empowerment it gives to young people to formulate their own opinions, to actively participate in society and to make a positive contribution to community, is an essential part of the curriculum.”
  276. Doreen Anne Phipps
  277. (Name witheld)
    “I am a community awareness officer interested in engagement of young people in citizenship and democracy. My role is the promotion of community awareness of the importance of enrolment and voting and importance of participation in the community where you live.”
  278. Alex Markham
  279. Jolene Blackthorn
    “How could the government spin justify commitment to "Big Society" without ensuring, through commitment to citizenship curriculum, that young people are empowered to act accordingly. Engaging critical thought, as citizenship promotes, permeates through all "core" subjects, and when applied thoroughly facilitates learning in all areas. It is necessary as part of the scaffolding around which lives can flourish.”
  280. Jane Al-Attar
  281. Matthew Parry
  282. Sue Smailes
  283. Natalie Carry
  284. Alison Livesey
  285. john dillon
  286. Joanne Tilbury
  287. Rebecca Knaggs
  288. ruth perry
  289. Meghan Williams
  290. Anthony
  291. (Name witheld)
    “Can we sign up to the campaign as an organisation?”
  292. Claire Thompson
    “No brainer. If children know about the law, about relationships, about how to access power, we stand a better chance of a more engaged citizenship, and a more hopeful future as they learn how to change things for the better.”
  293. Nikki
    “Keep citizenship, it involves and educates children of today about society and politics. The key world children because of us being the futures of tomorrow.”
  294. Anna Hamilton
  295. Anella Wickenden
  296. James Blair
  297. Nicola Cadbury
  298. (Name witheld)
  299. Leanne Martin
  300. Hazel Patterson
    “I am particularly keen that young people should recognise that they are European as well as UK citizens and have a key role in the construction in the Europe of the 21sr century, one of the greatest peacemaking projects in history”
  301. Laika Suleyman
  302. Maria Leyva -Portilla
    “We fully suport this campaign, citizenship education help people to believe that their voice matters and to discover, that they have a role to play and make a difference in the World.”
  303. jennie Mann
  304. Chris Rowe
    “Young people across the country are discovering what it means to be engaged, active and effective citizens every day thanks to quality citizenship education and educators. They are developing skills that are replicable in every aspect of life - not a 'woolly' subject but an essential element of a rounded 21st century education. The need for citizenship is growing, not diminishing, and we owe it to our young people to ensure they continue to receive these opportunities in this ever more complex and demanding world.”
  305. Paul Morgan
  306. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship is a key subject. It is essential in helping young people having an active role in society.”
  307. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship is essential to the provision of a balanced and healthy development of our young people, as future leaders of our country. It must not and should not be allowed to disappear from the school curriculum.”
  308. (Name witheld)
  309. Laura Lewis
  310. Kelle Dittmar
    “The key processes and skills taught in citizenship are crucial to any educational programme. Surely this government wants to develop citizens of the future that will contribute to the big society. Could it be they just want to undo a Labour achievement (even though it had broad cross party support)?”
  311. Sas Taylor
  312. (Name witheld)
  313. Nicola Harwood
    “Citizenship education without a doubt ensures young people have the skills to affect change in their community, and become an active citizen in society.
    Political, economic and legal literacy is vital education for everyone, and without citizenship as a statutory subject we will be teaching a generation that it is OK not to engage and not to feel part of the community.”
  314. (Name witheld)
    “I have seen some fantastic examples of Citizenship education as I have visited schools, and it would be a massive shame if they were to disappear.”
  315. Anne-Marie Poynor
  316. (Name witheld)
  317. Ian Levinson
  318. Nahid Husseini
    “I am trying to develop a subject about Education and Citizenhsip in national curriculum in my country Iran for future use.”
  319. (Name witheld)
    “At Community Aware Magazine, we recognize the important role that Citizenship plays in the classroom. Nevermind whether the government think it should be taught, it is a childs' right to be taught about the ways and dangers of the world before they enter it for real.”
  320. Dominic Waller
  321. (Name witheld)
  322. (Name witheld)
  323. Tim Wormald
  324. (Name witheld)
  325. Selcan Dagistan
  326. lauren mckenna
  327. Helmi Okpara
  328. Jorge Maranhao
    “Dears Sirs
    I appreciate very well the work and programes of CF and I would like to offer my disposal to represent its affairs in Brazil and put our offices in Rio de Janeiro on its services. I would like also that CF would known our programes and evaluate it with the objective of an exchange of contents and logos beetween our websites and institutions. For this I please you could visit us in
    Bests regards,
    Jorge Maranhao”
  329. (Name witheld)
  330. alex jones
    “how can we expect to educate the next generation and prepare them fully for working life if they are not educated in citzenship?”
  331. Beth Hitchenor
  332. John McCall
    “I have e-mailed the local MP in my school's constituency (Marcus Jones) who I met before Christmas.”
  333. Helen Wiles
  334. Kate Daley
  335. Kaye Horsfield
  336. jane clarke
    “How can any government expect to engender public trust in decision-making if the public aren't educated in how those decisions are made, who they are made by, and how they are represented? Knowledge about government, democracy and the society we live in is a fundamental part of citizenship and creating a more integrated, happier and involved society!”
  337. Connie Leroux
  338. elaine courtney
    “I truly believe that Citizenship education in school is a fundamental right of every child; does Mr. Gove assume that it is the norm in all homes for all families to sit down together and discuss and debate local, national and international issues? To discuss rights and responsibilites and the methods to deal with situations where rights are denied?

    We live in a very diverse society, Citizenship education provides a vehicle for homogeneity via agreement on rights and responsibilities.

    To remove Citizenship education is to remove a window into a world of possibility that some children will now never see.”
  339. Marcus Le Brocq
    “Citizenship is a vital part of helping young people to understand and to take an active role in their communities and country.”
  340. Eduardo Reyes
  341. Matt Durham
  342. Joanne Rosbrook
    “With all the talk of 'Big Society' and for people to be more active within their communities, surely Citizenship should be at the forefront of the Curriculum?”
  343. (Name witheld)
  344. Emma Pearce
    “As a student who has participated in citizenship lessons for five years
    at secondary school I can confidently say that it has opened my mind to
    ideas and projects that no other subject has been able to do in quite
    the same way. As a result of my citizenship lessons I have gone on the
    take Politics A-level and become a member of Amnesty International as
    citizenship lessons have enabled me to look at global affairs and become
    interested in all aspects of our society. By removing citizenship as a
    statutory subject I feel many students would miss out of the learning
    about the aspects of wider society that only citizenship can truly teach
    us. When looking at career prospects and life in general there are so
    many things that citizenship has taught me and I believe it would be a
    great shame that students could potentially miss out on learning these
    skills that I value so much in my life.”
  345. Nadia Idle
  346. Melanie Phillips
  347. Mr Quin
  348. Tim Smart
  349. Louise Goux-Wirth
  350. Tamsin Walker
  351. Emma Jones
    “The current government is all about stripping down the curriculum. Citizenship will not be the only casualty. Along with the impossible rise in student fees at degree level you have to wonder about a political organisation that deliberately puts a limit on education.”
  352. Katy Brown
  353. Amjad Ali
    “I trained to teach CT education.
    Lets keep it alive!!”
  354. Zaki Dogliani
  355. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship needs to be kept in the National Curriculum as this plays a huge role in the future of our youth today, educating each individual on how to become a good citizen within todays political, social and national community. Without Citizenship in education, how will children learn the benefits of becoming a good citizen within todays society?! Citizenship opens up many other doors for young people, including Active Citizenship, National Citizenship and Supranational Citizenship all of these looking at the much wider concept of Citizenship in it's context. Why should this be removed from the Curriculum? If anything, this should be built on in order to expand Citizenship in all schools.”
  356. (Name witheld)
    “It would be ludicrous to remove Citizenship education from the National Curriculum! Citizenship is an essential subject that embodies all aspects of life, society and the world. It is imperative that pupils are given the opportunity to build life skills and master the knowledge they need in the real world. As our future generation they need to be able to actively contribute to British Society. Citizenship empowers pupils to question right from wrong. It allows pupils to find their voice, formualte opinions and challenge tradition and concepts. More importantly it promotes individuality and creates critical thinkers, which may very well be a threat for our current and future Governments.
    It is a principal subject that is at the heart of many subjects admittedly yet deserves its own place in the school timetable. We should not be fobbed off with the idea that a geography teacher or a science teacher, not matter how qualified and skilled will be able to teach a subject with such a complexity. That would be as ignorant to suggest any teacher therefore despite never having taken any form of science exam or course of study, is perfectly skilled and capable of teachin advanced phsycis! If that be the case, why the need for teachers to be specialised in their subject? Why insist dear Government on teachers undertaking PGCE's and the ridiculously pointless skills test? Is the aim of our Government to create a totalitarian state whereby all pupils are clones of each other? Does our Government not want pupils to develop higher order thinking skills? Are we not to challenge our pupils in any other subject that English Maths and Science?

    Citizenship allows for a move away from conventional traditional book learning, it allows pupils to be be active, engaged and to utilise all forms of learning styles. It is a subject which unlike any other has real relevance and credibility in terms of the issues it concerns, addresses and challenges; issues which undeniably pupils will face time and time again upon leaving education. It would be nonsensical and plain- ignorant to remove it from the Curriculum. Can our Goverment really justify that pupils need not learn about democracy? Justice, equality and human rights? Governance, economics and globalisation? Pressure Groups, sustainability and the criminal justice system?
    If we are not teaching pupils about these very real and complex issues/concepts then who will?
    Or is a nation comprising of intelligent, critical and competitive thinkers who are able to seek out new developments/ways of life, ready and willing to stand up for what they believe in-not what Britain is about?”
  357. Mr Elvett Phipps
  358. Susanna
  359. Jackie Bradbury
  360. Leanne Hunnings
  361. (Name witheld)
  362. Vaneeta Sadhnani
  363. Ian Davies
  364. Steven Tomlinson
  366. Kathryn Tissiman
  367. Amar Hussain
    “Quote from a year 11 pupil from a school in Bradford: "I thought I had no power, no say and was not able to influence decisions that impacted on me and those around me. My Citizenship teacher was brilliant in opening my eyes to how as an ordinary person, I do have power to have my say and that I do not have to feel a victim of events...I am an active citizen, before I was wasting my potential to do good"”
  368. lauren smith
  369. Karen Allen
  370. Nadia Iqbal
  371. Linda Asquith
  372. Elizabeth Robinson
  373. Margot Brown
  374. corinne hannah
  375. Nassir Hamid
    “Citizenship performs a crucial role in equipping young people with an understanding of, and a platform for, development of their rights, roles and responsibilities in a democratic and constantly changing environment. It performs a vital function in bringing together aspects that cannot be fully explored in other subjects and gives an opportunity to youngsters to both learn and, at its best, take an active part in being a good citizen. It has many potential benefits that must be developed in schools throughout the country.”
  376. Zahid Raja
  377. Paul Irving
  378. Joanne Robinson
  379. (Name witheld)
    “Don't destroy the future.”
  380. graham Jenkins
    “Citizenship means our pupils have a better understanding of and their own place in the world. It opens minds and requires young people to be active and particaptory, it does seem completely unacceptable to sideline something so rich and enjoyable to learn and teach.”
  381. (Name witheld)
  382. thorsten nilsson
    “How are the youngster going to learn about how we work in our society if we dont teach them? This is the thin end of the wedge to reduce the real power of the people by making them ignorant and compliant. This will then lead to a ruling class ie the active political party members who will be able to do their work without interference from the ignorant public. Dictatorship??”
  383. Sarah Black Ardy
  384. Jo Robinson
  385. Dr Tim Montgomery
    “Rights AND responsibilities are made real by education”
  386. Stephen Budd
  387. nick.makasis
  388. Richard John
  389. (Name witheld)
  390. Tim Wormald
  391. (Name witheld)
  392. Ted Huddleston
  393. Suzanne Long
  394. J Flynn
  395. (Name witheld)
  396. (Name witheld)
  397. Ernesto
    “It's a great initiative. Unfortunately educating the young seems to be counterproductive for the goals of the current government.”
  398. jenaya molloy
    “Citizenship is a loved subject at our comprehensive school. Our boys can select it as an optional full course, or must do the short course GCSE. There is a fnatastic KS3 SOW and the boys have used it as a platform to get personally involved in their local community through campaign work they do. Government and Politics is a popular subject choice in yr12. How could the government even consider doing away with such a valuable and essential subject?! How do they think their "Big Society" will function without young people having the chance to discuss what this means?”
  399. Laura Berry
    “Citizenship meets so many of the stated objectives of this government...they HAVE to support its continued development.”
  400. Sue Mayne
  401. Sarah Copeland
    “I was initially sceptical about Citizenship as a subject but became increasingly convinced of its value. If we want our young people to be positive and active members of society we must provide them with the skills and knowledge to make it possible. Without good quality Citizenship education, that simply does not happen. Citizenship offers young people the chance to explore the democratic process and to realise the value and possibilities of participating in the communities they belong to. The next step must be to develop the subject and ensure that the quality of delivery is strong, not to abandon it.”
  402. (Name witheld)
  403. (Name witheld)
    “Citizenship education when implemented correctly is a vital part of the curriculum, not an add-on to other subjects or an optional extra. It is contemporary. It addresses key issues of the day, while recognising historical influences and perspectives. Students learn to question and critique, key skills in any democratic society. Through debate and discussion students challenge their own, and others, preconceptions. Learning to build arguments, negotiate and respond. This is about cultural capital, about democratisation of knowledge and skills. We cannot afford to sit back and allow this government to actively dismantle an apparatus that can do so much to enrich the lives of the young people around us”
  404. Victoria Shackley
  405. Rachel Wan
    “Citizenship allow me to understand the values and norms od the society and of the political system in more of an in depth knowledge. It also taught me how to become a active citizen and the course opened my eyes about the society and widened my perceptions.
    It is a course I would encourage others to take, it makes you more self aware also. A course that has the importance of how we understand ourselves and the society.”
  406. Suzanne Pine
  407. Jacqui Bowsher
    “Our students today are the voters of the future. If we want true democracy that delivers effective government, the electorate need to understand what they are voting for. Citizenship education goes some way towards achieving that, therefore, for that reason alone,it is an essential part of the curriculum.”
  408. Jane Tyler
  409. Maite
  410. Leonard Trevor
  411. (Name witheld)
  412. (Name witheld)
  413. Alan Wilkins
    “If we believe genuinely in the value of democracy, then we must seek to express it in all forms of life. So much has been achieved in recent times that has progressed active citizenship at pre and post 16, for young people and those that work alongside them. We must continue to innovate and built upon these insights and practices, so all can help shape and feel part of society.”
  414. Paul Taylor
  415. Leighanne Dsane
  416. Claire Floyd
    “From my own experience of teaching citizenship I have seen how much it enhances and enriches education and learning - students really enjoy it.”
  417. Gian Svennevig
    “Citizenship is about everyone in the country - whatever else we may be or not be, we are all citizens. Hence, it is one of the most important subjects of all.”
  418. (Name witheld)
    “I fear for the future generations if citizenship education stops being taught.”
  419. Sara Hutton-Potts
    “Citizenship is part of all core subjects; it has taken too long to have it included in the curriculum and should not only be taught at Secondary level, but should especially be taught at Primary level as well. Each generation will reap what the previous generation has sown; so therefore let us sow what we want to grow.”
  420. sera shortland
    “Citizenship has not only transformed learning, but has transformed lives and provided so many opportunities for young people that they would never have...DONT MESS IT UP”
  421. MARIA Asvesta
    “Citizenship is by far the most important subject in the curriculum for preparing students to become active democratic citizens of the local, national and global communities in which they live, with a firm and solid commitment/ understanding of human rights values and principles. If we want peace and prosperity in the 21st century this is the subject most likely to allow that objective to be reached.”
  422. Kate Wood
    “Please keep Citizenship Education in all schools - it is not possible to have informed and competent citizens without it.”
  423. (Name witheld)
  424. (Name witheld)
  425. (Name witheld)
  426. Hans Svennevig
    “After helping students from all walks of life become active citizens in society, engaging in political debate, promoting identity and campaigning for equality - I cannot see how Citizenship education could be at risk - unless it was from a sheer lack of knowledge about what it is? To quote another intelligence, voting against Citizenship would be like a Scientist voting against Science. How can there be any talk of a 'Big Society' if Citizenship education is not at it's heart?”
  427. Kay Richards
  428. Gavin Baldwin
  429. Cathryn Jackson
  430. jackie wilsoon
  431. Stuart Smith
  432. (Name witheld)
  433. (Name witheld)
  434. Di Layzelle
  435. Anne Breivik
  436. Gill Roberts
  437. amy bullock
  438. Kate Smith-Crallan
  439. Philip Wilson
    “Democracy is not a spectator sport. We need Citizenship education to keep it alive.”
  440. Douglas Jackson
  442. Dr John Lloyd
    “Becoming politically literate as defined by Bernard Crick is central to citizenship education and the effective engagement of our young people in our democracy. It has to be an essential entitlement in the curriculum for all children and young people in our schools.”
  443. emma tornero
  444. Alicia Brown
  445. (Name witheld)
  446. Jez Hall
  447. Sarah Vallois
  448. Jo Cobley
  449. Dale Hayward
  450. Tashi Fletcher
    “Citizenship helps not only understand how the world works, but helps kids form their own opinions about how the world should work. Is there anything more important than that?”
  451. Steve Green
  452. Libby Caamano
  453. Leah John
  454. Elly Harrowell
  455. stephen galloway-whitehead
  456. Nick Miller
  457. Charlie Partridge
    “I wish I'd have had the opportunity to study this fascinating, exciting and applicable subject...”
  458. kay Stuart
  459. Kevin Walker
  460. Nav
  461. John-Paul Zaccarini
  462. Aleksandra Herbich
  463. J carroll
  464. Antony Elvin
    “Citizenship was a brave step towards undoing the last Tory government's undermining of society at its most vulnerable time in britain for decades and at its most vulnerable areas of the population. The subsequent draining away of self-esteem and self respect can be sensed even to this day in the disenfranchised youth who grew up with attitude problems and deficits of social perception, The present government are digging themselves, and the population of England, a hole that generations will find it ard to extricate themeselves from. A deeper hole than the Thatcherites as we have never really hauled a large chunk of the now middle-aged out of it. Citizenshipo as a National Curriculum subject , gives children a sense of place in the world, and instils very important codes of conduct and self-empowerment in them. To lose this resource would be a socially devestating act. Let's hope that one day we shan't be a nation of curtain-twitchers and live in a land where we don't feel like we have to lock ourselves away. That's where we are now!”
  465. (Name witheld)
    “"Citizenship education is about more than knowledge—it is a skill which can be developed and applied only through active participation." Education and Skills Committee”
  466. (Name witheld)
  467. Ian Philpott
  468. Helen Trivers
    “Learning about human rights, democracy and playing an active role in society is as important for young people as learning to read, write and add up. I firmly believe that Citizenship education should remain as core element of the National Curriculum.”
  469. Peter Sagar
    “I have spent a year putting together materials for schools about NE Human Rights and anti-racism to fit in with Cirtizenship and also with the OFSTED requirements on community cohesion which have now been taken away. I hope that Citizenship doesn't go the same way.

    The materials have been used in a number of NE schools to great effect.

    How can Cameron talk of building a Big Society while taking away the teaching of Citizenship? Citizenhip is vital to maintaining real British values - i.e. tolerance, fairness and solidarity.”
  470. Michael Griffin
  471. Poppy Twort
  472. Sarah Price
  473. Robert Gill
  474. emily waller
    “Citizenship Education in the UK is vital in teaching young people how to be a good citizen and that they mgiht grow up to better undertsand the importance of rights, equality, opinion and difference.”
  475. (Name witheld)
  476. Marcus Bhargava
  477. John Scott
  478. (Name witheld)
  479. Linda Whitworth
  480. Sujeewa Ruben
  481. Blandine Labry
  482. Maliza Bhima
  483. Andy Gregory
  484. Emma Tachauer
  485. john reeve
  486. Samita Singh
    “Citizenship is a subject where we empower young people to make change and take action. We want the next generation to take a more active role in democracy. In doing so, we will not make the same mistakes as in the past, where young people and the growing working population are so alien to the way this country is run and our place in the world.
    Citizenship is central to the student’s lifelong learning. What we teach students does not stop in the classroom. Their knowledge and understanding goes beyond the classroom. It would be devastating to axe the subject, when we have made so much progress over the last few years. Because of Citizenship studies, young people are more politically alert and they want to have a voice, and they want to be heard!”
  487. Laura Crossley
  488. Lucy Yeatman
  489. Polly Richardson
  490. Mr J Henderson-Tang
  491. Chris Wyatt
  492. Veronica Persson
  493. Julie Gibbings
  494. Don Rowe
    “Young people have a right to learn about their rights and responsibilities and citizenship education (at primary and secondary level) is key to this. This should not be left to the chance of whether particular parents are able to pass on this knowledge. Education must attempt to break the cycle of ignorance and alienation. Also, doesn't society have a moral duty to induct young people into what is expected of them and what they can expect in return? Finally, I think we would be in breach of international law if we withdrew teaching about human rights from the curriculum.”
  495. sharon adetoro
  496. Jennifer Simpson
  497. Hannah Girvan
  498. Anita Haigh
  499. Ruth Kerfoot
  500. Emily Martin
  501. David Brandrick
  502. (Name witheld)
  503. (Name witheld)
  504. Susan Goulding
  505. (Name witheld)
  506. Sam Addenbrook
  507. Matthew Hillman
  508. danilo
    “I don't get it! So much time and energies invested for the establishment of a subject which is meant to constructively empower students (by giving them the practical and intellectual tools and opportunities to be part of this so called 'big society') in an effective and proactive way...why remove it from the NC now? I am confused!”
  509. Alex Lickorish
  510. Jez Hall
  511. Kerry Clarke
  512. Paul Moore-Bridger
  513. K. Sredzki-Seamer
  514. (Name witheld)
  515. Anna Tagg
  516. (Name witheld)
  517. Jennie Meadows
    “To lose citizenship in our school curriculum now would be sheer madness. If ever there was a time when we need to ensure that young people are aware of and engaged with their society, surely it is now!”
  518. Oliver Francis
  519. Sue Carter
  520. sally thomas
  521. Alex Pepper
  522. Andrea Stone
  523. Janine Killough
  524. Adam Tamplin
  525. Tom Pinfield
    “No more apathy!”
  526. Louise Kelly
  527. Dawn Terry
  528. Gary Clemitshaw
  529. Janmejoy Patel
    “If we want peace and harmony to prevail in society, this is the time to train our future generations on the values of democratic participation.”
  530. Raymond Davey
  531. Andrew Turner
  532. Belinda Bereng Moldvay Matic
  533. Philip Edmundson
  534. (Name witheld)
    “Diminished support for a subject which is capable of adding so much to the experience of students would be a tremendous loss for all concerned and incongruous with the stated aspirations of the coalition government.”
  535. Colin Slasberg
  536. Amy Slasberg
  537. Paula Wythe
  538. Stephen Rogers
    “We need a robust and rich democratic life in which we can engage with each other about often difficult disagreements and concerns. Citizenship education is absolutely essential to promote a healthy democracy”
  539. Matthew Eugene Martin
  540. Gemma Lay
  541. laura gisby
  542. Christopher Maclay
    “You only need to look at those places where young people don't have access to the necessary lessons and human development that citizenship education provides, to realise how essential it is for any functioning society...!”
  543. Sabrina Anderson
  544. Elizabeth Pollard
  545. Nina Butcher
  546. (Name witheld)
  547. Mike Gibas
    “My daughter goes to a school for children with moderate learning difficulties. On a walk round the school, the Head showed me the classes for Citizenship and said "these are the most important lessons we give to our children and we value these most highly." And, as I have followed my daughter's education as a child with special needs, I have to agree. Citizenship informs and helps the world make sense.... and gives the disadvantaged the skills to participate and interact. Losing this would be a real blow to her and children like her becoming full and active members of society.”
  548. Simon Taylor
  549. Rebecca Haran
    “Citizenship is vital in the development of our society. It engages young people with the world around them in a meaningful way. By taking citizenship away from our pupils, we as a society will lose a generation of active, responsible citizens.”
  550. Catherine Dawson
  551. Elaine Thompson
    “Citizenship education helps our country become more informed. How can a government reduce citizenship education when a lot of it is about politics, daft really!”
  552. julia linsley
    “This subject needs to be taught effectively by specialists to our young people at this time of change more than ever”
  553. Cath Anderson
  554. Emily Spurrell
    “The fantastic citizenship education I received had a huge impact on my life. It has shaped my university choices and future career choices! It is sooo important!”
  555. Adam Meade
  556. Laura Jayatillake
  557. T Gray
  558. Laura White
  559. Matthew Fazey
    “I am very keen Citizenship remains on the curriculum. Participating in elections and learning how society functions is really important.”
  560. Claire Pakenham Law
  561. Lucy Hall
  562. Dr. Julia Peck
  563. Barbara Crossouard
  564. Dave Tinham
    “we need more work on active citizenship in our schools”
  565. Sheila Clark
    “The statutory nature of Citizenship makes it an entitlement for all young people, remove this, and we'll be removing the opportunity for all young people to be politically informed with time to develop and practice being active and engaged in society. I totally agree with the comment that Katrina Winter (No. 187) has made “A "Big Society" without citizenship! Not possible."”
  566. Vicky Barnett
  567. Brenda East
    “"A Big Society" how is this to come to fruition if young people do not have the education to become active and informed citizens? If we are to build this society then Citizenship MUST stay as a statutory subject within the curriculum.”
  568. Catriona Maclay
  569. Liz Green
  570. Anna neale
  571. J Dunning
  572. Anna Liddle
    “Young people must be educated about their society and how they can play an active part in shaping it.”
  573. (Name witheld)
  574. Ryan Mason
  575. Millicent Scott
    “A democracy relies on participation from its citizens. In order for citizens to play a valuable role they need to have some understanding of democracy and citizenship. Citizenship education is therefore essential for the future of British democracy.”
  576. Luke Davis
    “Citizenship Magazine is happy to offer its support to the Democratic Life campaign”
  577. Elizabeth Moorse
  578. Craig Robinson
  579. alan clark
    “I believe that Citizenship is a cornerstone of the Big Society.”
  580. CRAIG Parr
  581. Peter Hague
  582. Christine Melchart
  584. Benjamin de Jong
  585. Eleanor Hanna
    “The holistic education of young people is imperative-citizenship is a refreshing method of ensuring this.People complain about the young-no direction-no focus-lost!!!!! well here is the opportunity within the citizenship educational framework to not only support the citizens of tomorrow but to empower them and ensure that they are equipped with the necessary tools for the 21st century.
  586. Nicky Bureau
  587. Edward Loveday
    “I find it worrying that a new Government would propose to abolish a subject that creates Active, Politically informed Citizens. We should seriously question why they are doing this. Citizenship gets a lot of flack and a lot of the time other subject teachers do not help. Their criticism is often founded in ignorance. Citizenship needs to stay and we need to defend it.”
  588. James Savage
  589. Warren Buchanan
    “If only we had citizenship in schools years ago! Maybe the UK wouldn't be in the state its in?”
  590. Gary Britton
    “I firmly belive that we need to build upon the good work alraedy undertakebn to develop citizenship education in our schools. there is still much work to do if we want to provide young pepole with the knowledge, skilss andconviction that they can make a real didderenec to their local communities and globally and if we want to raise the level of political literacy in this country.
    I firmly believe that we need to build upon the good work already undertaken in our schools tio develop citizenship education. We need to develop young people with the knowledge, skills and capacity to make a difference to their local communities and globally. There is much work to be done in raising levels of political literacy and engagement in this country annd citizenship education plays a vital role in this process.”
  591. Emily Ross
  592. Luke Uren
  593. Debbie Sullivan
  594. Rachel Nahum
    “I am currently studying PGCE Citizenship at Bristol, I can see the benefits of Citizenship Education of many pupils I am currently teaching. I feel scared about the thought of losing citizenship education from the syllabus after the subject was so heavily fought to become part of Key Stage 3.

  595. Dean Boonham
  596. katrina winter
    “A "Big Society" without citizenship! Not possible. The most valuable subject in todays society”
  597. Ruth Lowe
  598. (Name witheld)
  599. Zoe Terry
    “The 'Big Society' Cameron speaks of simply won't exist without Citizenship Education. I would have thought any democratic government would want its citizens to be politically literate...”
  600. Daniel Fitzpatrick
    “I sign this petition because I firmly believe citizenship makes a positive contribution to the abilities of young people to participate and enhance democracy in the UK”
  601. Bex Close
  602. Gary Buchanan
    “Citizenship first and foremost empowers young people. In an age where political apathy is arguably at its most rife, Citizenship provides the knowledge and skills enabling young people to actively get involved. Human rights, community responsibility, political engagement. The 'Big Society' Cameron speaks of simply won't exist without Citizenship.”
  603. Jessica Stubbs
  604. Rosie Baker
  605. Dan Long
  606. Katherine Evans
  607. Carina Badger
  608. Claire Molloy
  609. (Name witheld)
    “If the government want to introduce national service and the big society children will not get knowledge without citizenship. They might also find that future generations will be turned off even more by politics as they will have no idea about it”
  610. Nick Hills
    “Schools exist to educate students and provide vital skills for life. It is a nonsense for anyone to assume that skills and knowledge of existing in a society are not part of education. This subject can also be academic, covering many subject areas common at FE and HE level. It should have been in the curriculum from the start of schooling. Not to mention the thousands of jobs at risk of those who, like any other teacher, have committed themselves to this subject and have began to make it appealing and enjoyable to the students we teach.”
  611. Harinder Mann
    “We must do all we can to explain and promote the virtues of citizenship education in our schools. Without such interventions in our education system, how else are we able to build the "big society" that we all would like to see.”
  612. Carlton Rose
    “Give young people citizenship education. Give them an understanding of society. Give them the ability to analyse the media. Give them an understanding of their rights and responsibilities. Give them inspiration to make a difference in their local communities. Give them a voice!”
  613. (Name witheld)
  614. Samin Ahbab
    “I learn citizenship and find it a necessary subject to the education of a well rounded individual in society.”
  615. Janet Orchard
    “Citizenship Education has a unique role to play in preparing the next generation for their future lives as citizens.”
  616. David Barrs
    “My school has taught Citizenship since 1973 and will continue to do so. It has a vital unifying impact on the school and underpins its success both in terms of the personal qualities it develops in children and the standards they are able to achieve.”
  617. National Centre for Citizenship and the Law
    “There wont be a Big Society without Citizenship education..”
  618. (Name witheld)
  619. Juliet Bray
  620. (Name witheld)
  621. Cat
  622. Sheila McKechnie Foundation
  623. (Name witheld)
  624. Laura Lawrence
  625. Antonia Taylor
  626. amir shah
    “You cannot have Big Society without Education for citizenship. It is crucial for the development of the whole child; it enables empowerment in young people who need it most but also ensures that young people from all walks of life are prepared for the complexities of economic and political adulthood.”
  627. Sue Batcheler
  628. Ruxi Ratiu
  629. (Name witheld)
  630. Martin Bostock
    “We have really only just begun the process of ensuring that young people learn at school how play a full, valuable and rewarding part in a democratic society. We should doing MORE to develop this vital process, not less.”
  631. Steve Flowers
    “It simply has to stay part of every schools life, if anything it needs to be improved so schools can not simply do the minimum that is needed”
  632. scott
    “Do they not think about teachers at all? what could happen to our jobs?”
  633. Martin Ellison
  634. Samantha Sparrow
  635. Moira Jenkins
    “Citizenship education is essential to develop well-informed and globally aware young people.”
  636. Dr Geoff Bardell
  637. Guy Staniforth
    “It's important that young people learn about the principles relating to democracy and citizenship in order that they are not led solely by greed and (often misleading) quick fix capitalist agendas. Likewise, there needs to be an understanding of this area in order that young people can effectively challenge policies that are ultimately undemocratic and have essentially been designed to safeguard the interests of the already rich.”
  638. Hmoses
    “CD and learning material”
  639. Becky Davidson
  640. Ellie Lawrance
  641. Jennifer Wentworth
  642. (Name witheld)
  643. peter lawrance
    “Citizenship,to me, ranks alongside Maths and English to me in importance and has the added value of being more interesting to children.”
  644. Aileen Lavelle
  645. peter whitehead
  646. Paul Johnson
  647. Selena Whitehead
  648. Isabelle Delatour
    “Citizenship education is essential to have in all schools”
  650. Joe Kendall
  651. Barbara Bouman
  652. (Name witheld)
  653. Clare Baylis
  654. Clare Murphy
  655. Mark Brattle
  656. Paul Forster
  657. R Jackson
    “Citizenship Ed plays a key part in the curriculum enabling young people to become informed and independent learners in tune with contemporary issues. Is this not fundamental to a 'big society?'.”
  658. Laurence Marshall
    “With the current big society programme, it's important to push citizenship education as part of it.”
  659. Emma Figes
  660. Erin Culley
  661. mat hicks
    “Cameron's 'big society'initiative needs citizenship education.”
  662. Sir Keith Ajegbo
    “Happy to be involved in publicising campaign. Citizenship education was crucial to raising belonging, involvement, attainment and aspiration in the school at which I was headteacher”
  664. Janet Spurrell
    “I know so many pupils whose lives have been transformed by their Citizenship education including my own daughter and there are not many areas of the curriculum where that is the case! Keep Citizenship on the NC, invest in it and make it active and relevant. Pupils want to be able to affect change and make a difference in their communities!”
  665. Joe Hoyle
  666. Christian Borresen
  667. Jen Fleming
    “We have done so many wonderful things and our students finally feel like they have a voice. It would be catastrophic and so backwards to remove this thriving aspect of the secondary curriculum.”
  668. John McKay
    “By the measure of how actively we promote and nurture the disciplines of Citizenship i.e. by the constancy of our awareness of how secure in our society is the respect for the individual that is the seed of all our democratic freedoms, do we gauge our humanity.”
  669. Krishna Maroo
  670. Peter Bottomley
  671. Dr Rowena Passy
  672. Elizabeth Eyre
    “The 'big society' cannot operate if it's citizens do not understand it and cannot access it.”
  673. (Name witheld)
  674. Charlie Seatherton
  675. Pilar Aguilera
  676. Rachel Hayes
  677. Libby Heighway
  678. Josh MacAlister
  679. Helen Young
  680. Annette Cotterill
  681. Matt Lent
  682. Maria Bates
  683. Barrie Featherstone
  684. Michele McCartan
  685. (Name witheld)
  686. Helen Pinnock
  687. Ian McNeilly
  688. chris dunne
  689. Karen thomson
  690. Marie-Louise Brown
  691. (Lord) Paul Tyler
  692. Paul Webb
  693. Barry Bennett
  694. Tom Gaskin
  695. Amy Spiller
  696. Zarina Dzhansakova
  697. Steve Gadd
    “This is a new deveopmnt that is extremely concerning. The work done on Citizenship is of vital importance.”
  699. Balbir Sohal
  700. Chrischar Maasdorp
  701. Chrischar Maasdorp
  702. susan simmonds
  703. Shveta Shah
  704. Mary Ann McGlashon
  705. (Name witheld)
  706. Debbie Harrison
  707. David Griffiths
  708. (Name witheld)
  709. Dr. Tony Breslin
    “If we are ever to build a 'big' society (or just a good one), young people must have an education that prepares them to play their part, as active, informed participants, not just as onlookers - this means they need skills, knowledge, values and confidence that flows from an effective citizenship education. Alongside the functional skills of literacy and numeracy, Citizenship Education must sit at the heart of any curriculum; retaining and building on its statutory status is absolutely vital.”
  710. Philip Wilson
  711. Ben Miskell
    “Citizenship is to Politicians what Science is to Scientists.”
  712. Sarah Hughes
  713. Jacqueline Hilton
  714. Andrew Alleyne
    “This subject underpins learner development in other areas of the curriculum. Don't throw away all the hard work that's gone into developing Citizenship practice to date.”
  715. E Benjamin
  716. (Name witheld)
  717. Essi Lindstedt
  718. (Name witheld)
  719. Julia Fiehn
  720. sadie
  721. Jennie Kramer
  722. Ralph Leighton
    “If public figures are serious about the need to inform and engage with the people of Britian, it is vital that citizenship education be expanded in its remit and influence.”
  723. (Name witheld)
  724. Hatty Robbns
  725. Hannah Yuille
  726. sarah carroll
    “We are only just getting started with Citizenship - don't stop it now!”
  727. Dr Mary Richardson
  728. (Name witheld)
  729. Ceri Magness
  730. Peace Poroku
  731. Brenda Dean
    “The government would be crazy to abandon citizenship education. We need it more than ever if we want to come through this economic crisis and build David Cameron's Big Society!”
  732. Richard Demby
    “Without effective citizenship learning opportunities, young people will not be able to play an informed role in democracy, will lack in significant skills development opportunities, and will become even more cynical about the potential impact of their voice. Citizenship education must be maintained and enhanced for the future of democratic engagement.”
  733. Billy Crombie
  734. Tim Child
  735. Nosheela Ashiq
    “Citizenship is an extremely vital part of our curriculum. Without citizenship education how can we expect children to grow to be responsible citizens? We teach them to read and write, to do maths and Science because we believe that from these subjects they will learn skills that they will need in their later life. But what of being an active citizen? We expect students to be born with the skill to take positive action and take interest in politics and democracy.”
  736. (Name witheld)
  737. Scott Padbury
  738. Nazma Begum
  739. Stuart George
  740. Stuart Kielty
  741. Sarah McGinty
  742. Jan Ruppe
    “This si essential or I will be out of work and the reasons why I became a teacher of citizenship will be redoubled!!”
  743. Grant Hoyle
  744. Izabela Farnsworth
  745. Rebecca Lacey
  746. Barry Miller
  747. Darius Jackson
  748. Jan Newton
    “This sounds like a timely formalising of an important alliance with a crucial message. It would be brilliant to get politicians to concede that citizenship education encapsulates all the things they are always praising and asking schools to do, without just being rhetoric”
  749. Niall Crawford
  750. sally Inman
  751. jamie kelsey
  752. Stephen Fairbrass
  753. Andy Thorpe
  754. Jenny Garner
  755. Ian Howarth
  756. Michael Mitchell
  757. N Edmunds
    “I have taught the Citizenship GCSE for six years and it is highly worth while and the students engage in it and enjoy it.I have taught so many students about things they would never have known before about rights and responsibilitites, democracy and International relations that it would be criminal to get rid of it.”
  758. (Name witheld)
  759. maureen turner
    “When you see the positive results of Citizenship education preparing our young people as purposeful individuals confident in their ability to engender change, how can the government consider abolishing it. As a former teacher of MFL, I see more value in Citizenship as a curriculum subject as it promotes better understanding of so many skills used in other subjects. For students continuing with post 16 education and further it is a precursor to many subjects not taught at KS3 and 4. Do the government want our future voters to be uneducated in democracy and political awareness in the hope that it will win them more votes.”
  760. Louise Gowers
  761. Juliet Bray
  762. Alexandra Goddard
  763. (Name witheld)
  764. (Name witheld)
    “We live in a democratic society, that we should all be proud of. How can that democracy be truly representative if we are not living in a society of informed, participating active citizens, young, as well as old? Citizenship education is essential to the development of our society.”
  765. Michalis Kakos
  766. (Name witheld)
  767. Lee Jerome
  768. s amott
  769. (Name witheld)
  770. Antony Thompson-Gardiner
  771. Fiona Ellis
  772. Debbie O\'Connor
    “Its of real importance to continue improving young peoples political literacy as a way of promoting effective democracy.”
  773. Anna Leatherdale
  774. (Name witheld)
  775. (Name witheld)
  776. Asher Jacobsberg
    “Things is very much needed. An effective democracy needs citizens informed in how to take constructive (or disruptive) action.”
  777. (Name witheld)
  778. cathryn
  779. Judy Franklin
    “So much work has been put into citizenship education in schools and it is so valuable to young people, they should all have a right to it”
  780. Stephanie Carter
  781. Alex Zarifeh
  782. Gary Arnold
    “Citizenship is of more value than it has ever been in my view, to young people.”
  783. Karl Sweeney
  784. Michael Grimes

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