Twittersphere lends its support to Democratic Life

Friday 14 January 2011

I had the frantic task at this week’s Democratic Life reception of tweeting the whole event using our (highly original) hashtag of #democraticlife.  It was great to see people both at the event and online  engaging in the discussion about citizenship’s future.

Here are some of the comments;

@DemocraticLife Blunkett speaking now, ‘for young people to bring about change,it is vital they learn about how to affect change’

@DemocraticLife Blunkett goes on to say ‘otherwise we will return to becoming one of the most political illiterate nations in the developed world’

@LKMco “For Yp to know how to demonstrate and protest… with out dropping fire extinguishers is vital” D Blunket

@susan_nash At the #democraticlife Save Citizenship Education reception in HoC with @davidwclark a imp issue which we all need to fight for

@DemocraticLife Teacher up now ‘If we want to give more political power to the people then what’s better than giving students the opp to make a real change’

@Legalfutures “Been at pro citizenship education #democraticlife event at House of Commons. Most excellent cakes on offer for tea. Rude to refuse”

To see more about what’s been said on Twitter search online using #democraticlife or follow us for timely updates.

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  1. Sebo says:

    Deep thinking – adds a new disnomien to it all.

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