Teachers provide unique perspective of citizenship education

Friday 14 January 2011

After hearing about the Democratic Life’s campaign, teachers and administrators from Biddenham International School and Sports College felt that it was important to share their support for citizenship education.

Mr. Doug Wise, Head of English at Biddenham showed his passion of the subject through connecting citizenship to the English curriculum;

“It gives the texts we study greater meaning and relevance. Without it, students would lose their ability to fully engage with literature and the social, political and national issues that are raised…Having taught for a number of years, I know for a fact that English and citizenship go hand-in-hand. One subject is not complete without the other.”

The Principal of Biddenham, Mr. Mike Berrill, is also supportive of citizenship education because he feels that:

“The complex issues surrounding the idea of ‘citizenship’ in British and world society are central concerns of a modern school curriculum and quiet properly the subject of direct study by all students.”

Another analysis of the significance of citizenship education was brought to light by Miss Ruth Bissell, the Head of History at Biddenham;

“The study of citizenship has been integral to our students’ knowledge and understanding of what it is to be human. Citizenship lessons have been essential in challenging negative stereotypes and anti-social behaviour through exploring ideas such as rights and responsibilities. Likewise, the high profile of citizenship across school has been hugely successful in raising students’ awareness of the democratic political process and their potential as active members of society.”

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  1. Regan Ross says:

    Great work you’re doing here … keep up the great posts on citizenship ed! For what other overarching purpose could our schools be for?

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