Government minister endorses citizenship's 'importance' in House of Lords

Thursday 25 November 2010

Following the launch of  “The Importance of Teaching” white paper in the House of Commons yesterday, the white paper was introduced to the  House of Lords by Lord Hill of Oareford, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Schools. Whilst there was no explicit mention of citizenship in the paper itself, Lord Beecham raised the issue in the debate that followed Lord Hill’s statement.

Lord Beecham asked: “My Lords, in view of the strong support voiced in all parts of your Lordships’ House for the continued inclusion of citizenship education in the national curriculum, will the Minister say whether he is in favour of it and, if so, why the White Paper does not appear to mention it?”

Lord Hill of Oareford responded by stating that “Citizenship is an extremely important issue and one that many noble Lords have raised, including noble friends on this side of the House. I have in mind in particular my noble friend Lord Phillips of Sudbury, who has strong views on this. I think that everyone accepts the importance of the subject. The review of the curriculum, which will be announced shortly, will look into these and other important issues.”

Democratic Life are thrilled to see such positive statements about citizenship’s future coming from a Government minister and the support from the House of Lords for citizenship education in yesterday’s session, and in last week’s debate on active citizenship, has been truly exceptional.

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