Unicef UK commit to the value of teaching human rights to students

Tuesday 9 November 2010

The Guardian has written about Unicef UK’s report which recognises that when children learn about human rights bullying, exclusion and challenging school environments can be reduced.

The report followed an evaluation by researchers at the Universities of Brighton and Sussex of Unicef UK’s human rights projects in schools. Some of the key findings of the evaluation demonstrated that when young people have the opportunity to learn more about human rights, pupils can become more involved with making decisions, and are more confident to take part in debates on decisions that affect them.

This news chimes with Democratic Life’s commitment to citizenship education and to the teaching of rights and responsibilities in the curriculum.  Anita Tiessen, deputy executive director of Unicef UK stressed the importance of teaching young people about their rights and that their report ‘shows what a profound effect it can have not only on children, but teachers, school leaders, governors and parents’.

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One Response to “Unicef UK commit to the value of teaching human rights to students”

  1. louise rebecca assad says:

    As a teacher for children and teenagers for nearly 20 years, I’m deeply aware of the problems young people have, the questions they need answers to, their sense of insecurity about the world today and their eternal optimism or dark despair.
    How can I find a job in your organisation bringing what I do best to the ones who need it the most?
    All the best,

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